Matthew Marini


BA, BSc, MA, MPC — Sport Psychologist

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Matthew is a graduate from the Brock University Faculty of Applied Health Sciences with his Masters focused on Sport Psychology. He is in his fourth year as a PhD candidate and instructor at Brock, continuing to hone his craft in the field of Sport Psychology and is currently a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Matthew has worked with numerous varsity teams at Brock such as Men’s and Women’s basketball, wrestling, rowing, volleyball, curling, soccer, cross country and hockey. He has also worked with many local sport teams and organization around the Niagara region. With his colleagues at Brock and the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, he is now helping to spearhead the mental performance program for the NextGen rowers in the Brock hub. His focus is on athletes who are hoping to compete in 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo and the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris. In his spare time, he has spent the last 10 years volunteer coaching basketball for CYO in St Catharines.

One of Matthew’s main research areas has been Positive Youth Development and the importance of participating in organized sport for healthy developmental outcomes. His PhD research is focusing on helping athletes perform under pressure and trying to understand the psychological and physiological causes of why athletes ‘choke’ under pressure. With the skills developed through mental performance consulting being highly transferable from sport to other areas, such as work and business, Matthew’s goal is to help his clients improve in all aspects of their lives and continue to positively develop healthy life outcomes.