Medical Doctor - Family Physician

Offering appointments on Monday afternoons. Please book at the front desk, and make sure your information is complete before your appointment.
VALID OHIP/Health card required - appointments are $50 if you have an expired health card or no card at time of visit.

Dr. Yurkewich will be taking appointments as a referral from your Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or other, and will see walk-in visits for the following items:

  • Prescriptions for advanced imaging (eg. ultrasound, MRI)

  • Referrals to specialists or for blood work

  • WSIB form completion or assessments

  • Prescriptions for Orthotics, Compression socks, Massage Therapy, TENS machines (as required by your work insurance)

  • Musculoskeletal-based problems or sports-injuries

  • Prescription-based medications for injuries, *except opioid/narcotics

  • Fitness to Exercise clearance