Nutrition Seminar - Healthy Eating for Busy Families

The first Tuesday of March, 2015 the ProActive Centre hosted Holistic Nutritionist and Chef Laura Discepola from Fit to Eat, who came to speak to our group about eating nutritiously on a limited time-budget! It was a fun, interactive session with samples and snacks for all to try, and lots of Q&A time. Her main message: preparation is key. When cooking chicken breasts, cook 8 not 2, and store or freeze the unused portions. Make a large salad that can be portioned off for snacks and meals all week. Prepare meal/snack combos in reuseable containers, but make them 3-5 at a time, not just one. She also explained how our freezer is our friend, and that almost anything once cooked can be frozen for future quick meals. Thank you Laura, we look forward to your next visit!

Daniel Prinsen