Answers to health problems - through functional medicine and nutrition

This week we were honoured to offer a FREE seminar on Digestive Health. Patients were invited to attend this information session on common 'stomach' problems and bring questions for our speaker, Stefania from Metagenics Canada.


Firstly we learned that the lining of our digestive tract can become damaged in many ways, from poor food choices, to allergens (food or environmental), to chemicals we are exposed to in our homes (cleaning supplies) and the air, and finally from medications (antibiotics, NSAIDs like ibuprofen and more). A chronically damaged gut-lining becomes "leaky", meaning items that are supposed to be broken down first will pass through whole, and as such can cause damage not only in our digestive tract but throughout the whole body. Unknown to many people, the health of our digestive system is directly related to other systems of the body and gut dysfunction can lead to many chronic diseases like IBS, Crohn's or colitis, allergies, diabetes, eczema, arthritis, and more.

Alternatively, many factors can damage the bacterial environment of the digestive system, causing other digestive problems like bloating, gas, cramps, constipation and/or diarrhea. Antibiotics are a known cause, as is a poor quality diet.

Stefania suggested many natural solutions, including stress management, chewing slowly/carefully, choosing high-quality nutritious foods, and avoiding food triggers (different for everyone but could include wheat/gluten, dairy, sugars). Exercise is also important, as well as supplementing with certain nutraceuticals, which could include multivitamins, fish oils and probiotics.

For those with specific, chronic conditions, Metagenics offers comprehensive treatments and products designed to help heal the gut (root cause) thereby resolving the symptoms of IBS, diabetes, arthritis and more. Feel free to set up a time with your Chiropractor to discuss your health issues. Dr. Taia is currently taking appointments to review health assessments and set up treatment protocols to help heal your digestive problems!

Taia Spencer-Yap